Skating at district level :)

Ryan was a part of skating team from school to compete in the ditrict level skating competition. And needless to say, we are proud! 🙂

Though he has ample time and there is no hurry, still, if he could find something that he is passionate about and works hard and channelizes his focussed energy to attain   mastery of it, I would be really glad.

Being a counsellor, I see a lot of children who have not really found a passion and dont know where and how to channelize their energy. So! If Ryan finds his passion, I would be super glad.

Whats more, is that he undertook the journey till the destination with his team mates and teacher by himself in train. This was a welcome step as he definetely is a pampered and spoon fed child. So, a gradual turn towards making him independent and capable is welcome.

Some pics to accompany the post:

The team
On his way
FB_IMG_1538306575105 (1)
Trying his best



The fish saga.

Aryan! I tell you, he has some very old life connection with fish. Yeah…fish! So, any time IMG_20180916_085213fish is bought, neither my fridge nor the humans of the house have any peace of mind. He needs to hold the fish, cuddle it, poke its eye, count its teeth, scream and run  around complaining that the fish bit his finger ( the dead fish, imagine!) and that no one is to make sound as the fish is sleeping.


His antics might appear funny and on the border of charming to the world, but to me….aaaarghhhh! My couch smells of fish, and Apoo! He smells like a fisherman!! I have to lock the fridge so that he doesn’t open it time and again (and then scratch my head to remember where I kept the fridge’s key), my maid and me – we have to fight out all the spatulas and pans and masalas from this kiddos hand…coz he has to ‘cook’.





By this time, all i wanna do is to bang my head on the wall. And ask myself…

why o why I got the fish!!!

Appoo, I tell you…I am gonna irritate you double all this when I grow old and senile 😛 😛






A considerate young boy

At todays age and time, what the world needs are authentic, sensitive and kind people. Period. And well, Ryan shows traits of being one!

Yesterday, at around 8.30 evening,  being exhausted from the day, I was sitting around with the li’l Apoo and trying to entertain him with limited success. Apoo can drain my energy with his impulses and dramatics. Ryan understood the fact that I am tired…Maybe it was on my face or in my tone. Anyways, I just happened to vaguely mention that I am kinda thirsty, would like to have a refreshing drink.

At the time Ryan was busy with some school related work.

After his work was done, Ryan went to the kitchen and emerged 5 minutes later with a glass of cold lemon juice.

Whats more…. it was yumm 🙂 🙂

The thought, care and love behind the gesture touched my heart. He has always been a sweetheart and I have always cherished and imagined fondly the person he would become growing up… ❤

A kid who shows amazing dancing talent, or sings well or who is an outstanding scholar …they definitely deserve an applause. But as parents and guardins of the next generation, I think instilling human values is so much more important .

And I stand super proud for the sensitive, authentic and humane values that my elder one imbibes ❤ ❤

Wink wink !!
My darling 🙂

Been too long…

Ryan is 8 and Aryan stands naughty and charismatic at one and a half years. I have been frequently asked as to why I dont blog anymore…wheather Aryans antics are not cool enough to find a mention as Ryans did not so long back. Many reasons, but i will stick with 2 basic and dominant ones: Lack of time and lack of energy.

Having relocated to India, trying to settle and to thrive in my chosen field, alongside taking care of 2 kids and the house alone is no small task. It does take a toll on my creative side of writing and reading. Having said that, I am very happy to get back to writing however sloppy it is 🙂

Ryan has completed his grade 3 and is doing fine. Is taking classes for karate and is interested in dancing and pokemons and irritating his sibbling 🙂 🙂

He does take a lot of responsibility and I see a lot of love and care as far as his role of a big brother goes. A little bit of jealousy too, as Aryan very effortlessly plays an imp and takes away everyone’s attention.

Aryan, on the other hand is a naughty elf.  Bossy, self assured, charismatic, people friendly are some of the terms that can be used to describe Aryan. Appooo- thats what he is fondly called. Adored by neighbours and family, he truly is the ‘chotu’ of the house.

The boys are growing up too fast and I hope they maintain the camaraderie that they share now.They are owners of totally different personalities, I hope they appreciate and enjoy their differences and learn and lean on each other.

Here’s a pic of the three musketeers to kinda complete this incomplete post. The point of this post is a comeback of sorts…I absolutely know its not the best of my writing…

20180113_113811 (1)
Dad with his cubs !




Picture perfect !

@Dahanu Beach Dec2018


Self esteem is earned !- Gyan centre

This is a post I write from my heart. And I do hope my children take this advice and suck it into their systems like a sponge sucks water.

Brace yourselves, here goes, in first person narrative:

  1. We co-inhibit this world with trillions of other life forms, inclusive of billions of homosapiens. If I were to think that everyone should have my values and thought process, I’d be in for disappointment.It would be expecting a lion to  not eat me just,  ‘coz I don’t feed on lions !!

I think the best way out is to have be clear about my values  and to stick to them and also to be flexible enough to  accomodate people around my values. The way I see it , alienating from people is not the best option available. And not adhering to my values feels crappy in the end…so this is my best solution.

Note: To think that I would be able to change peoples belief or the way they see and do things, I have learned the hard way, is stupidity. Do not attempt it! Concentrate on yourself and your own thing.

2. True happiness is not really found in money,career,friends… For me , to be truly happy is to have peace of mind. That state when your mind is so at rest. You can sleep well, eat well and just be alive without worry and mind chatter. Thats true bliss.

So while money, fame, friends can add to bliss, they are not the only components or even the main components. For me to be really in sync with who I am, to see the positivity, the hope, the sky, the stars and to be alive in that moment- to be truly alive in the moment – thats true happiness.

Note: One of the biggest things that deters me from being in the moment is depending /loving/caretaking someone else to an extend beyond necessary. whether your partner, your child, your parent, do not overdo or over expect. Do your own thing – let them do their own. Something in the lines of – live and let live ! 

Also, do not think of what others think about us- thats their business not ours.

3.Self respect is earned.

And I think it is one of the major ingredients of becoming the best you. Nothing can work as a substitute for self esteem. being happy and secure in who you truly are is damn essential.

Through the trials and tribulations, through emerging winners at the challenges thrown at us by life we earn self respect. when, in spite of the challenges, and not because of the lack of them, we emerge victorious, thats when we give ourselves this prize of self respect. And it’s a prize like none other. Embrace your challenges- for if you do it right- it will award you with faith in yourself.

Go live, have an adventure. So that when god asks you how was heaven, you will have the answer ready. Discover yourselves, give youselves the wings to fly.





And the twist

So everything was hunky dory till 2 days ago…and then ! Out of nowhere started the bleeding and the stress . Rushed to the doctor. I am not going into the details. Negative things are not worth reliving. To cut the long story short, it was choatic and nerve wrecking…but the good thing is  everyone is fine. Plus it gives me the much needed down time to catch breath – did I mention that I have been advised 2 weeks bed rest? Am only allowed to get up to use the wash room.

I was and am concerned about Ryan and Law…however, Law is doing a good job of handling things. Ryan missed a days school, but off he is to school from today.images

On a positive note, I am concentrating on harbouring positive feelings and avoiding the stress and strain which workplace brings. People are showing love calling and texting and visiting. Food is from moms- god bless her! I am blessed to have good friends- god bless N abunduntly for all her support and love.  All in all, everythings working out fine.

From 3 to 4:

Wohoooo !! We are gonna multiply ! Once again ! After, almost a gap of 7 years 🙂 🙂stock-vector-happy-family-expecting-new-baby-309370718

Law is the first one to be excited- super duper excited. Ryan follows close behind with just one request…that when the baby comes, Ryan is still taken care of by mama. And the baby is taken care of by dada. ;P   . I am the last to catch on. Though the pregnancy is planned, it still involves huuuge changes for me. From stopping my yoga to slowing down with my life coaching and my career and a   thousand small and big things in between.. I am also concerned as to how Ryan is handled throughout all this. Since he has been the cynosure till date, I dont ever wanna let him feel different or insecure.

But, by the grace of god, everything is moving fine. I dont have the nerve wrecking nausea till date. And I am mightily thankful for that. Am  currently  in the 6th week. Have bloating and constipation. Started with folic acid, calcium and iron supplements.

Life has never been better. 🙂 🙂  And truly. thankyou god for everything .

A gist of updates

Ryan is 4 now. Between the last post and the latest, I have been idle- that’s almost a year’s gap.  :O

Here’s a gist of updates to fill in the big gap :

* Laila : She was 3 months when we got her, a- spur-of–a-moment decision. But boy,  are we glad !! She made herself home very quickly and she is an absolute no hassle cat. Yeah, she is a cat !! An adorable one at that, not to mention spellbindingly beautiful !

We were divided on whether to call her Laila or pumpkin, and Laila won hands down. Her name  justifies her looks and her behavior. She is undeniably beautiful- she has perfect markings, healthy coat, long whiskers….

There is nothing that she likes more  than to snuggle next to Ryan – her head on his lap- and snooze. Or to play catch with a ball. Or to follow him to the bathroom, laying in wait for him to finish his work. And Ryan loves her 🙂 🙂

You are truly amazing Laila, and we are tremendously happy to be having you in our lives.

View WP_20130519_001.jpg in slide show

** Ryan’s visist to India : In the hot and not so happening summer, me and Ryan , sans Law, went to the cool and rainy India in the month of July-Aug. Mumbai was beautiful, especially since we hadn’t enjoyed rain for 2 years. And the place was tranquil. Ryan was in love with his nanaji and needless to mention the nanaji just adores the little chimp. And I had a gala time in India- was at peace- as I didn’t worry about Ryan hanging with me every second…He was always, always with nanaji. And I could spend all some quality time on myself.

Ryan really had a ball of a time playing outdoors, meeting his cousins, going to the beach, taking evening walks with nanaji and simply enjoying the rain.

View WP_20130804_001.jpg in slide show                 View WP_20130716_004.jpg in slide show              View WP_20130724_002.jpg in slide show

*** Ryan’s 4 b’day : Ryan’s 4th b’day was celebrated with a difference in Mumbai. We celebrated it with the underprivileged kids. Ryan cut a beautiful cake and distributed it to the kids with some gifts. It was truly heart touching to the kids smiling. Reminded me to count my blessings and to teach Ryan to do so too.

I’d definitely love more of these kind of b’days.

**** Start of school :

Ryan has started with lower kinder garten from 10th September.

Ryan has already taken like a proverbial fish to the water.

He loves his friends, loves his teacher [ a big relief] and he loves going to school.

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The Performer !

So, yesterday, we had gone to this Eid  party, organised by my ex-colleques  in Al – Ventura compound. The evening was lively and tremendously enjoyable – games, dance,song – fun,fun,fun !

But what really stood apart, and the reason why this evening made it as a post on this blog is ‘coz Ryan ‘performed’ in front of a crowd. 3 – 4 questions answered clearly and ‘twinkle twinkle’ rhyme sang beautifully, holding the mike all the time. My heart swelled with pride…needless to mention I was tremendously proud 🙂 🙂

Till the moment Ryan had the mike in his hand and had it going, I was skeptical if he would actually do it.

Three cheers to my darling , who is otherwise very shy, to have had the courage to have performed 🙂

My only regret is that I was so engrossed in being around him that I didn’t video or click the moment. Law did not attend the party either. Hence, I am doing the next best thing….mentioning it on the blog here to cherish the memory forever.

5 things that I treasure about Ryan.

Undoubtedly, the whole of Ryan is treasure-worthy. I am truly  blessed to be his mom.

However here are the 5 things/qualities which majorly define him :

1.    Right from a very young age, Ryan had a good vocabulary. However, at 3 years, He most definitely supersedes most of the other children I have seen of his age in the matter of speech and vocab.And no ! It’s not just me saying it…anybody who has met him says the same. He expresses his feelings and thoughts very precisely and clearly.

2.    He is amazingly loyal. And sensitive.

When I am upset and am sitting in the study room by myself, he will come to me, keep his palm on my cheeks and ask “What happened mama?? You Irritate  [irritated] ? I am your best friend…I will give you the red lollipop,ok mama?” Or when I am teary-eyed, he will come and wipe my tears with his shirt and after hugging say ” No cry mama, come I will hug you” And you know how that feels ?? Like HEAVEN.

I am sure one day he will make a fine husband to his woman. So far, he is  a thorough gentleman.

3.    His selection of songs, dresses and such.

4.    He can be insanely funny at times and can be seen rolling on the floor laughing at his own jokes…making the onlookers laugh at his antics in the process.

5.    Tech-savvy – that’s Ryan. He doesn’t need Law’s or my help to operate a laptop or an android. Ryan can make his way through the gadgets smoothly.This when he can’t read…I can’t imagine what will happen when he knows how to read !


Off goes the ‘infant’ and the ‘toddler’ stage with the ‘boy’ stage setting in… Ya !! Ryan has turned 3 and in style 🙂 🙂

     Since the little fellow is not so little any more and understands the concept of birthdays, cake, party, gifts etc. we arranged a lavish do at the banquet hall of the   India Gate Hotel, with  around 25 invitees . The focus was to make it a special day for Ryan and to have as many of his friends as possible, around him. I am mighty pleased with the way it turned out. With the saudi champagne flowing and the small talk keeping the adults busy, the kids were having a gala time just running around and shrieking… I am so fascinated with the thought that children need just so little to be really happy – if you know what I mean…

               Dressed in a semi formal attire, the boy looked every bit of a prince that he is !!

A special mention also goes to the cake. I wanted to have a cartoon themed cake with probably a spiderman theme. However Ryan was so enthused on seeing the Ben 10 theme that we went ahead with that. Here’s a glimpse of the cake:Image  

             Here’s wishing my darling baby many more happy returns of the day and a prosperous and meaningful life ahead with Birthday song just for you . Ummaaah.

Hakuna Matata………….

Prologue : Law is a couch potato plus some more :/  while me, the great and responsible mama that I am is more interested in books and other creative pursuits . 🙂 

                  Ryan shows interest in both television and books .However I do see him spending more time than I would like with T.v and laptop . 😦    He has seen Lion King at least 30 times and Puss in Boots the same number of times if not more. Nemo,Toy story,Walls-E are some others which he has seen and enjoyed. Plus the everyday dose of dinosaur and tom and jerry cartoons on laptop.  Ufff !!
To be really honest, I feel quilty too, ‘coz I let him watch it when I want him off my hand or when I in kitchen and am better off without his tantrums :(. Being a mom makes me feel so quilty I tell you, especially when I am at my sensitive best…ya, you guessed it when I am PMSing . ** Sigh**

                     I really don’t appreciate couch potatoes and think that these people are just wasting away their time as they are not creative enough to entertain themselves in other ways. So needless to say I’ m not very happy with Ryan’ s over-inclination towards the Tv and laptop.

However, the silver lining is the fact that he is as interested, in books too. Every night before going to bed, he needs at least 2 – 3 stories to be told and whats more, if he is in a mood, he tells his momma a story too . 🙂 🙂

      It’s been some months now that I have been making him practice strokes, colouring etc. His colouring strokes have become very firm and he does try to keep the colours within the boarders. 🙂  Plus he knows and recognises all the colours perfectly . 🙂

These are some of the work that we have accomplished recently. He is not the only one who has worked on these pictures. If I don’t sit with him , his interest fades away quickly – so my handiwork is also to be seen in these pictures:ImageImageImage


                   Signing off, firmly telling myself to do more creative work with Ryan and thereby to  spend more time in the coming 2 months as I’d  be home full time before the next term commences.



The comeback !!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Hoping that these lines work their magic, I am posting a pic of Ryan who is 2 years and 8 months now with Law. It was taken during a recent outing to the beach to beat the summer heat. And these two guys had real fun – were in the water for about 3 hours and even then, came out only because it got too dark with a concerned coast guard keeping a close eye on them 🙂

P.S: This post is meant as a comeback of sorts. I haven’t written a single post for almost a year now and I can’t even think of a lame excuse of why posts didn’t happen. God knows as I do that there were so many milestones that I wanted to write here…. Anyhow,the past is gone and done with, let me hope I don’t fall prey to my laziness henceforth !!

Bliss !

It’s festive season here, and everything – from schools to offices are closed. So Law has got free time and we, along with the in-laws and cousins have been outdoors…enjoying the cool and the awesome weather. Yesterday we were at one of the cornische from morn till night. 🙂 🙂
And let me say it once more, the weather was just a.w.e.s.o.m.e 🙂
The headlines of yesterday’s trip was that after fishing for around 7 hours at a stretch we caught 1 small,teeny weeny fish 😛 😛 😛
This was especially funny ‘coz while all these grown up guys from our group could manage to catch but 1 fish, there was a small boy of about 9-10 years who caught about 5 fish in about 2 hours and even gave one fish to these guys as a way of consolation !!! hahahaha
Ryan had a amazing day what with so much fresh air, the open sky, the water and the green grass. Not to mention the fact that all his cousins were around .
Today we are off to Dammam, but before signing off, here’s a pic of me and my chimp. He dozed off in my arms and I had the entire universe to thank for the awesomeness of the moment – with my darling in my arms, the water in front, the cool air and flanked by the family 🙂

Been long..

…since I updated the any of the many wonderful things that Ryan does or says.
The last post was when I reached Saudi, and that seems like from eons ago !! Life kinda got too lazy in here…with me turning into a lazy bone cum lazy bum free smileys
So let me warn you before hand: this post is gonna be real jerky. You see, it’s been ages since I blogged. Or wrote anything else for that matter !! 😐

There are so many important things that I wanted to post about…for starters, Ryan turned 2 this August and about the same time He got his first pet – a pair of guinea pigs which were [and are] so lovey-dovey celebrity fashion gallery that they have had 6 babies so far! Since only 3 of the babies survived their population count stands at 5
now !!

Ryan has started communicating, like really communicating… He had started talking quite a while back but now I hear him responding aptly to what is being spoken to him. I am really amazed with his lingo and his vocabulary. Like yesterday I happened to make this amazing fish curry [check out the recipe at here ] and when Ryan tasted it He said: Mama Chilli…full chilli.
After a lil while when I tasted it, and looked at him with water in my eyes, this is what he had to say with a worldly-wise look: Yayan say [told] mama, fish curry full chilli. Take this. Drink mumum [handing over his water sipper to me].
Ryan has some quirky traits too, like holding on too a small thing while sleeping. It could be a chocolate, could be a small toy, my mobile…Oh! by mobile I recollect: He loves talking on the mobile. One can find him making ‘serious conversation’ and jotting down important points [like dada] and saying: take yayan number,198734,ok?? got it?? and while he is at it, asking all of us to keep quiet: “no make sound ok mama? ok dada? Yayan making inteportant[important] call to uncle. yayan busy”
Till a while back, he used to describe himself using the word ‘pretty’…Now the word has been replaced by ‘handsome’. He loves to lay his hands on the steering of the car, loves to turn on the wiper. He is still as clingy and as fuzzy eater as before 😦 **sigh**
But he is also a very balanced and sensitive kid…so what, if it’s his momma saying it so ?? 😛

Ok, That’s about it for now. I know..I know…The post was jerky, here and there and all over the place .But I warned you before, didn’t I?? 😛 😛

Let me sign off with a recent picture of Ryan: